Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A truth universally acknowleged

I have finally found some kind of justification for marrying a boy! After a weekend listening to Star Wars on the Playstation interspersed with vauge twangings on his electric guitar (and no, that's not a euphemism for something), I finally persuaded him to sit down and watch an episode of the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. It had never occured to me that he hadn't already seen it. I've always assumed that anyone with a pulse has not only read P&P but also watched the BBC version and secretly coveted a corset and bonnet.

He didn't get off to a good start by pointing at Mr Collins and saying "is that Darcy?" but once we got into the swing of things and I'd explained that the plot was the same as Bridget Jones (Austen clearly guilty of plagurism there), he actually seemed to enjoy it. Yesterday I watched a documentary about why people love the novel so much and there was a clip of their first dance at the Netherfield Ball. I actually overheard my husband say "oh, I love that bit!" and then look around him confused muttering "I don't know where that came from..."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

They bloody well don't have the answer

Has anyone eaten Smarties recently? Like, reeeeally recently? I had some last night and it was like all my childhood dreams had been smashed. They've taken out artifical colours. The bastards have taken out artifical colours. Gone are the day-glo pretty colours that you can arrange into rows (or is it just me who does that?). Gone are the blue ones altogether.

Smarties are now an assortment of muddy colours that look like those jam jars of water that we used to wash our paintbrushes in at school. There's even a white one. A white smartie. As we all know, white smarties should only exist when they've been out in the sun for too long and the colour has sweated off. They should not occur naturally in the tube.

And speaking of the tube, where have the old-fasioned circular tubes with the plastic lettered top gone? How am I ever meant to make up my name using smartie lids? The tubes are now entirely made from cardboard and are hexagonal. Hexagonal, I tell you!

They don't even taste the same - they left me feeling sick (both metaphorically and literally).

If I buy a tube of Smarties, I want a lovely blend of sugar and fat with pretty colours. I don't want some bloody hippy sweets that look like they should be sold at a stall at a festival.