Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Smarter, faster, easier

I appreciate that people have a right to go on strike. I think it's important that they do. But, (sigh), I wish they'd pick their battles carefully. An annual strike about one big issue is far more effective than several smaller ones.

I did my preparation for the tube strike yesterday. I got an early night and left at seven that morning. I was clad in trainers and lots of layers. I was properly equiped with an A-Z, tube map, water and food.

I only spent two hours travelling which is a pretty good record as far as tube strikes go. The trouble is that I never got more than about a mile from my house, and after two hours of travelling ended up back where I started.

I was not amused. And was even less amused when I phoned work to hear that everyone else had perfect journeys to work, complete with chocolate fountains and naked dancing girls.