Thursday, March 09, 2006

Duvet Day

I had a day's annual leave on Monday. No particular reason or anything. I spent my day wisely, and it went like this:

8:30 - BBC Breakfast
9:00 - That Bloke That's Not Trisha and Shouts a Lot
9:30 - Trisha
10:30 - This Morning

I then took a break to stock up on important supplies (ie diet coke and a giant slab of Bourneville).

When I got back I watched Grange Hill. And this is where it all started to go wrong.

The children in Grange Hill have... Liverpudlian accents. And I don't mean just one visiting exchange student. I mean all of them. The teachers still seem to be from London but the kids are all Northern! What's that about? Grange Hill is on the central line for goodness sake! It's about cheeky chirpy cockney sparrows getting into fights with the public schoolkids and getting up the duff. It's like switching on Corrie to find them all affecting Jamaican accents. It's just wrong. I had a minor strop before turning over to watch My Parents are Aliens on ITV. This cheered me up a little but I still feel a letter to Points of View is due.